Explore - Investigate - Create 

Special Guests

Each week we will bring in a special guest to instruct and demonstrate a career in STEAM innovations. So far we have a lineup of outstanding community leaders. There are more special guests to come...stay tuned.


Week 2: Sikorsky: They will share the art of flight technology through a hands on demonstration and interactive activity. The Sikorsky engineers will provide insight into the history of Sikorsky Aircraft and their advanced helicopter technology know around the world. 


Week 4: Our first visitor of the week will be Cathy Liontas. She a beloved local landscape artist. Her work can been seen at the Milford Arts Council as well as private shows. She is a retired art teacher who spent her life teaching kids not only how to paint and draw but how to love art. The end of our week will wrap up with Sandra Dickson. Sandra is caterer and chef from Madison, CT. She has traveled the world to immerse herself in local cuisine and learn from chefs through international cooking classes. Her specialty is authentic Italian dishes. She will teach the campers the art of potato gnocchi.