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Our Philosophy

The mission of NOVUS  is to provide the highest quality educational and socially collaborative opportunities for all students entering 3rd-6th grade (approx. ages 8-12). The program is designed to foster and encourage curiosity while meeting the needs and challenging the abilities of curious talented students. This is achieved through classes that support the exploration of hands on learning experiences that are just downright fun.



Deborah Rogers began teaching in 2004. She has a BA in Communications and Marketing; Masters in Elementary Education; 6th Year in Thinking and Learning with a concentration in Gifted and Talented Education.  Deborah began her career as a communication and marketing executive in the advertising field for 8 years. However, she met her true calling as a teacher. Her teaching experience includes 2nd, 4th and 5th grade as well as an enrichment and STEM teacher. She is currently teaching STEM at Orange Avenue Elementary to grades preK-5th. In addition to teaching, she has been invited to review curriculum for the NASA education program. Her love of creative teaching and science has been the catalyst for starting the summer program NOVUS.


Leah Zinsky is returning to be a great part of our NOVUS instructor team. She started as a Novus assistant and first aid director. This year she is joining us as an instructor. Leah has a BS and MS degree in Elementary Education. Leah began working with students at Orange Avenue Elementary School in 2019. She now teaches 2nd grade full time at Orange Avenue Elementary School in Milford, CT . Her enthusiasm and passion for teaching and learning is an asset to the Novus Team. 

NOVUS Instructor Team: Every program option is instructed by certified CT Teachers and school certified professionals. Each team member has a Master's degree or higher in education and bring years of teaching experience.

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